Leviathan's Retained Services group is a supplement to an organization's security and risk management capability. We offer a pragmatic information security approach that respects our clients' appetites for security process and program work. We provide access to industry leading experts with a broad set of security and risk management skills, which gives our clients the ability to have deep technical knowledge, security leadership, and incident response capabilities when they are needed.

INFORMATION SECURITY STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT We partner with boards, directors, and senior executives to shape your enterprise's overall approach to meeting information security requirements consistently across an entire organization.

ENTERPRISE RISK ASSESSMENT We develop an information asset-centric view of an organization's risk that provides insight to your organization's Enterprise Risk Management capability. This service can be leveraged with annual updates, to account for your organization's changing operations, needs, and priorities.

PRIVACY & SECURITY PROGRAM EVALUATION We evaluate your organization's existing security program to give you information on compliance with external standards, such as ISO 27000 series, NIST CSF, HIPAA, or PCI-DSS among others. This is often most useful before a compliance event or audit, and helps to drive the next phase of growth for your Security and Risk Management programs.

VENDOR RISK ASSESSMENT We assess the risk that prospective vendors bring to your organization. Our assessment framework is compatible with legislative, regulatory, and industry requirements, and helps you to make informed decisions about which vendors to hire, and when to reassess them to ensure your ongoing supply chain security.

NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL SECURITY POLICY In 2014, we launched a public policy research and analysis service that examines the business implications of privacy and security laws and regulations worldwide. We provide an independent view of macro-scale issues related to the impact of globalization on information assets.

M&A/INVESTMENT SECURITY DUE DILIGENCE We evaluate the cybersecurity risk associated with a prospective investment or acquisition, and find critical security issues before they derail a deal.

LAW FIRM SECURITY SERVICES We work with law firms as advisors, to address security incidents and proactively work to protect client confidences, defend privileged information, and ensure that conflicts do not compromise client positions.  We also work in partnership with law firms to respond to their clients' security needs, including in the role of office and testifying expert witnesses.

SAAS AND CLOUD INITIATIVE EVALUATION We give objective reviews of the realistic threats your organization faces both by moving to cloud solutions and by using non-cloud infrastructure. Our employees have written or contributed to many of the major industry standards around cloud security, which allows their expertise to inform your decision-making processes.

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