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ASLR Protection for Statically Linked Executables

We present new research that details crucial security weaknesses in Linux software that has been statically linked. We also provide a solution to temporarily resolve these security issues. Finally, we conclude by demonstrating how to have both RELRO [1] and ASLR [2] security mitigations working with static linked executables in the ELF format.

The Calculus of Threat Modeling

I have been designing secure and security products for 20 years. I always thought of this as “architecture” and it took me a long time to realize that a major part of what I was doing was threat modeling. There are many established approaches to threat modeling, but because I backed into the field, I had rolled my own. This post is to explicitly describe what I have been doing.

Reverse Engineering Firefox and Tor Targeted Payload

Reverse Engineering Firefox and Tor Targeted Payload

The Lotan research team is constantly seeking out new and novel memory corruption exploits to enhance our detection heuristics. This week, an exploit targeting Firefox and the Tor Browser was released, giving us a chance to exercise the capabilities of Lotan.