Leviathan does things differently. Leviathan's effectiveness is rooted in our ability to bring a wide range of talent to bear on our customers' needs. We don't just find vulnerabilities, we don't just test services, and we don't just check compliance boxes. We solve our customers' information security needs, and our employees span policy, technical, and legal knowledge. Our best work comes from our ongoing client relationships, where we bring together our skills to create tailored solutions. Below, we've assembled some of the most compelling solutions we've developed for specific customer needs. Want to know if something else is possible? Contact us.

RETAINED SERVICES Our Retained Services model gives our clients a partner for their information security needs as they grow and develop over time. PDF Link

LEGAL SERVICES We offer a variety of security services focused on the needs of law firms, their attorneys, and their clients. PDF Link

INCIDENT RESPONSE & FORENSICS When you have a security incident, Leviathan can help not just to determine what happened, but to help your organization prevent it ever from happening again. PDF Link