Leviathan's Technical Services group brings deep technical knowledge to your security needs. Our portfolio of services includes software and hardware evaluation, penetration testing, red team testing, incident response, and reverse engineering. Our goal is to provide your organization with the security expertise necessary to realize your goals.

SOFTWARE EVALUATION We provide assessments of application, system, and mobile code, drawing on our employees' decades of experience in developing and securing a wide variety of applications. Our work includes design and architecture reviews, data flow and threat modeling, and code analysis with targeted fuzzing to find exploitable issues.

HARDWARE EVALUATION We evaluate new hardware devices ranging from novel microprocessor designs, to embedded systems, to mobile devices, to consumer-facing end products, to core networking equipment that powers Internet backbones.

PENETRATION & RED TEAM TESTING We perform high-end penetration tests that mimic the work of sophisticated attackers. We follow a formal penetration testing methodology that emphasizes repeatable, actionable results that give your team a sense of the overall security posture of your organization.

SOURCE CODE-ASSISTED SECURITY EVALUATIONS We conduct security evaluations and penetration tests based on our code-assisted methodology, allowing us to find deeper vulnerabilities, logic flaws,and fuzzing targets than a black-box test would reveal. This gives your team a stronger assurance that the significant security-impacting flaws have been found and corrected.

INCIDENT RESPONSE & FORENSICS We respond to security incidents for our customers, including forensics, malware analysis, root cause analysis, and recommendations for how to prevent similar incidents in the future. 

REVERSE ENGINEERING We assist clients with reverse engineering efforts not associated with malware or incident response. We also provide expertise in investigations and litigation by acting as experts in cases of suspected intellectual property theft.

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