SECURE DEVELOPMENT LIFECYCLE TRAINING Leviathan provides advanced and basic security development training.  Not only do many compliance and regulatory standards require an SDL, it is a way to accelerate your development and reduce the number of defects in your developed code.

SECURITY AWARENESS TRAINING This is often seen as a mere checkbox for compliance purposes. Leviathan’s approach to Security Awareness Training goes beyond mere check boxes.  Through practical, real-world examples and demonstrations, we link personal to business experiences and create employees who are not only aware of your Corporate Security Policy but invested in upholding it.

ADVANCED DEVELOPER TRAINING This training takes our core module and customizes the training objectives for each client project, utilizing real-world software-defect and security-bug information from project interactions.  Training dollars and effort are directed at identified weaknesses and staff capabilities.  Our training has become a standard for how some of our existing clients train their developers. 

REVERSE ENGINEERING TRAINING This training delves into the complex mechanisms of virus design, malware analysis, hot-patching, and software protection.

SECURE COMMUNICATIONS TRAINING This customized training works with your existing infrastructure and devices (including mobile devices) to create a communications plan and train your employees to communicate efficiently while protecting your most valuable assets.

CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION (CLE) PROGRAMS We provide CLE programs related to security, confidentiality, privilege, and secure client communications. Our CLE programs have been accepted for state ethics CLE credit in the past, and we are happy to provide both public and private (in-office) CLE sessions.

SOCIAL ENGINEERING This training assists clients to become more resistant to social engineering attacks.  Through practical application and real world examples, we translate execution into a trainable skillset. Exercises include tests that exploit weaknesses in human nature to gain physical access to target assets, gain valuable information that assist in an attack, or even gain persistent remote access to the target.  

CUSTOMIZED TRAINING NEEDS Leviathan provides security training for both technical and nontechnical audiences, on topics ranging from secure communications and ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) to counterespionage training, threat analysis, operating in hostile countries and secure process development.

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