Quantifying the Cost of Cloud Security

We are pleased to announce our new whitepaper: "Quantifying the Cost of Cloud Security." For this whitepaper, the fourth borne of Leviathan's collaboration with Google to study the security impacts of forced localization laws, we chose to focus on the direct costs to companies of forced localization laws--the actual economic disadvantage inflicted by a country on its businesses when it chooses to require that all data be stored within its borders. As we discussed in our three previous whitepapers on this topic (listed below), the harms of forced localization to data confidentiality, integrity, and availability can be devastating, and this can have significant added economic impact--but we wanted to know how much it costs, on day 1, to cut one's country off from the cloud.

One of our outputs from this research is a visualization that we believe will help to crystallize the issues in play. We've taken all the pricing data from the seven public IaaS providers, along with all the locations of their datacenters, and put them onto a map; anyone can simply select the quantity and type of computer they'd like to use, then see where that type is available--and click on a country to find the pricing, the providers that offer it, and the extra cost of using only providers in that country.

We hope you enjoy, and we look forward to contributing to the public debate on this topic in the future.

For more on our work on cloud security policy, please see http://www.valueofcloudsecurity.com.