Value of Cloud Security

We are pleased to announce the release of our three whitepapers on the value of cloud computing as it relates to security issues around data storage, in the areas of data availability, scarcity of expert security talent, and the infrastructure and hardware investment to set up new data storage solutions.

We spent several months exploring the value proposition of storing data in the cloud from a security perspective. We wanted to know whether cloud storage is more or less secure than storing data in a local datacenter, for all the different definitions of secure. We wanted to know whether data can be kept confidential, whether data remains available despite localized outages, whether the supply chains that make maintenance of local data centers can be preserved (and at what cost), and whether companies are able to hire sufficient security expertise to defend their investments in storage.

The three whitepapers are as follows:

More information is available at

We would also like to thank the entire project team for this research: